Milestone Consulting is a global provider of specialist contract management, procurement advisory, claims, delay analysis and dispute resolution services to the engineering and construction industries. As part of our core functions, Milestone Consulting provides strategic project management support, planning, schedule management and risk analysis services. We have the depth and breadth of technical, commercial and legal expertise to implement innovative solutions for complex project issues in diverse sectors, including oil and gas, process, petrochemical, energy and power, industrial, infrastructure and marine construction projects.

Our mission is to be the foremost professional consultancy offering contract management, claims and dispute resolution services to support clients during every stage of the development process. Our strategy is to form a solid partnership with our clients to produce solutions that are optimal for their needs and tailored to meet the unique demands of the project. At the heart of our culture is our focus on achieving client’s success.

Our consultants have the highest level of technical, commercial and project management expertise in engineering and construction projects. We bring solid experience and firm commitment to our clients.
Milestone Consulting provides customised training programmes and workshops that can help engineers and construction professionals to develop crucial project management, contractual and legal expertise required to focus on strategic business goals.



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