Delay, Disruption, Acceleration Analysis & Quantification

Delay and disruption happen on most engineering and construction projects. The nature and complexity of an engineering and construction project is such that many things can go wrong during the project life cycle. Delay and disruption is considered to be the single most reason for the late completion of projects and the overriding cause of construction disputes.Our delay analysts use scientific delay and disruption modelling tools and industry accepted methodologies to analyse and quantify the impact of delay and disruption events. They then use professional judgement and expert opinion to recommend remedial measures and substantiate party’s entitlement.

  • Forensic Delay and Disruption Analysis
  • Prospective and Retrospective Delay Analysis using CPM Techniques
  • Disruption and Loss of Productivity Assessment
  • Concurrent and Culpable Delay Assessment
  • Acceleration Analysis and Establishment
  • System Dynamic Modelling
  • Pacing Delay Assessment