Project, Contract Risk Analysis & Management

Change is natural and embedded in engineering and construction projects which make it inherently risky. Projects are often affected by conditions of uncertainty producing opportunities or threats on project objectives. It is vital to recognise and identify the root causes of the risk events and manage them before adverse consequences or risk events occur. The dynamic nature of risk events necessitates the need for continuous evaluation, monitoring and management of project risks. We help our clients to identify, analyse and objectively manage or mitigate project risks, and minimise the chances of project failure.

  • Project, Contract Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategy
  • Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis and Quantification
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk Register and Probability – Impact Matrix
  • Risk Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques
  • Criticality, Sensitivity and Cruciality Analysis
  • Tornado Chart and Scatter Plot