We have successfully assisted clients from various engineering and construction sectors and provided claim preparation and defence, dispute resolution, contract advisory, planning and scheduling, and project risk analysis services. The brief details of typical projects are stated below:

Project Description Issues Involving / Disciplines Affected Location

Oil & Gas Facilities, Pipelines, Petrochemical & Process Plants

Installation and commissioning of cross county crude oil pipeline and parallel gas pipeline with associated facilities and pumping stations. Civil and structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Project management, Contract administration, Adverse weather South Caucasus / Caspian Region
Installation, testing and commissioning of three export pipelines (36 inch gas pipeline, 12 inch LPG pipeline, and 12 inch condensate pipeline) from the Central Processing Facility to the tie-in point. Civil and structural, Metallurgy, Pipeline, Project management, Contract administration North Africa
Installation of gas export pipeline from Booster Station to the LPG plant. FEED, Process, Instrumentation and control, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Civil and structural, Project management, Contract administration Middle East / Gulf Region
Floating Production Vessel (FPF) Modification & Topsides Replacement Basic engineering, FEED, Processing capacity, Stability, Structural integrity, Topside modules and equipment, Scope creep, Delay and disruption, Prolongation damages UK / Europe
Installation of transfer pipeline from Central Degassing Station to the Remote Degassing Station. Engineering deliverables, Site facilities, Pipeline, Metallurgy, Civil and structural Middle East / Gulf Region
Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) building project Topside modules, Structural, Procurement, Mechanical completion, Constructive acceleration Singapore / Far East
Replacement of process piping and refurbishment of gathering centres and booster stations to augment crude processing capacity. Metallurgy, Piping, Pipeline, Civil and structural, Instrumentation and control, Project management, Contract administration Middle East / Gulf Region
Construction and commissioning of integrated gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant. Project management, Contract administration Middle East / Gulf Region
Installation of the Central Processing Facility for the treatment and production of oil, LPG and condensate. Mechanical, Piping, FEED, Civil and structural, Planning and scheduling, Procurement and logistics, Project management, Contract administration North Africa
Installation of process system to allow sweet gas and oil export, miscible gas injection and expansion of oil processing and exporting. FEED, Process, HAZOP, Mechanical, Piping, Engineering deliverables, Procurement, Planning and scheduling Middle East / Gulf Region
Replacement of crude oil export system. Mechanical, Piping, Instrumentation Middle East / Gulf Region
Construction, installation and commissioning of complete surface facilities to process and export the crude from the field including installation new main oil lines. FEED, Engineering, Metallurgy, Scope creep, Site facilities, Planning and scheduling, Contract administration Middle East / Gulf Region
Installation and commissioning of gas sweetening facilities. Process technology, Basic engineering, FEED, Process, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Planning and scheduling, Project management, Contract administration Middle East / Gulf Region

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

Cement plant expansion project and augmentation of the clinker processing capacity. Civil and structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Project management, Contract administration, Site safety and security Middle East

Utilities and Infrastructure

Design, supply, installation, commissioning of district cooling plant and associated reticulation piping. Re-design, Civil and structural, Electrical, Statutory approvals Middle East / Gulf Region
Urban metro rail network - Light Rail Transit (LRT) Civil, Mechanical, Planning and scheduling, Project management / Contract administration Gulf Region
Centralised waste water and treatment system consisting of gravity sewers, pumping stations and waste water treatment plant. Civil and structural, Mechanical, Hydraulics, Project management / Contract administration, Statutory approvals Gulf Region

Marine and Coastal Facilities

Development and reclamation of outer breakwater to protect the port facilities. Engineering layout and design changes, Material procurement and logistics, Contract administration, Construction plant Gulf Region