Engineering, Construction Claims & Claim Prevention

We have the highest level of engineering and construction experience to systematically deal with contractual, delay and/or disruption problems that crop up at any stage of the development and construction process. We have the crucial engineering and legal expertise to get to the root of a complex problem, whether it is about design, construction, time, money or contractual matters. Our consultants have high levels of contractual and project management expertise to accurately evaluate and systematically document the cause, liability and impact of an often complex claim. We team up with our clients to produce prudent and substantiated claim reports, and assist them during the negotiation process to help facilitate early resolution of the claim.

  • Investigation, Analysis, Preparation and Presentation of Claims
  • Defence, Negotiation and Management of Claims
  • Delay, Disruption and Acceleration Claims
  • Cause and Effect, Liability, Entitlement Analysis
  • Prolongation, Disruption and Acceleration Cost Analysis
  • Damages Assessment, Recovery of Costs and Loss of Profit
  • Defence Against DLD’s and PLD’s
  • Strength and Weakness Assessment of Claim Issues
  • Claim Prevention Strategy

Delay, Disruption, Acceleration Analysis & Quantification

Delay and disruption happen on most engineering and construction projects. The nature and complexity of an engineering and construction project is such that many things can go wrong during the project life cycle. Delay and disruption is considered to be the single most reason for the late completion of projects and the overriding cause of construction disputes.Our delay analysts use scientific delay and disruption modelling tools and industry accepted methodologies to analyse and quantify the impact of delay and disruption events. They then use professional judgement and expert opinion to recommend remedial measures and substantiate party’s entitlement.

  • Forensic Delay and Disruption Analysis
  • Prospective and Retrospective Delay Analysis using CPM Techniques
  • Disruption and Loss of Productivity Assessment
  • Concurrent and Culpable Delay Assessment
  • Acceleration Analysis and Establishment
  • System Dynamic Modelling
  • Pacing Delay Assessment

Dispute Avoidance & Dispute Resolution

Even the most meticulously planned and well managed construction project can encounter claims and disputes. How the claims and disputes are handled can make a significant difference in the success of the project and the party’s winning capacity. Our multi-disciplinary team can provide techno-legal support to a party involved in disputes being resolved by formal court litigation, arbitration or through other ADR routes. Our programming, contractual and legal skills coupled with our project management experience, enable us to provide clear, objective advice to the contracting parties and their legal advisors.

  • Dispute Avoidance Strategy and Support
  • Litigation and Arbitration Assistance
  • Acting as Expert Witness
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Acting as Adjudicator, Mediator
  • Acting as Party Representative
  • Dispute Review Boards

Project, Contract Risk Analysis & Management

Change is natural and embedded in engineering and construction projects which make it inherently risky. Projects are often affected by conditions of uncertainty producing opportunities or threats on project objectives. It is vital to recognise and identify the root causes of the risk events and manage them before adverse consequences or risk events occur. The dynamic nature of risk events necessitates the need for continuous evaluation, monitoring and management of project risks. We help our clients to identify, analyse and objectively manage or mitigate project risks, and minimise the chances of project failure.

  • Project, Contract Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategy
  • Techno-legal Risk Assessment
  • Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis and Quantification
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Risk Register and Probability – Impact Matrix
  • Risk Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques
  • Criticality, Sensitivity and Cruciality Analysis
  • Tornado Chart and Scatter Plot

Program, Project & Schedule Management

We offer a wide range of support services for proactively managing multiple inter-related projects (programs) as well as standalone projects. Our services can greatly reduce the uncertainty and risk inherent in construction and capital intensive projects. We help clients to successfully execute and complete all phases of the construction process; from conceptual design to commissioning and closeout, including cost and budget controls, schedule management, contract administration, progress monitoring, reporting and management of subcontractors.

  • Project Management and Construction Management Assistance
  • Project Planning, CPM Scheduling and Network Analysis
  • Schedule Recovery Planning
  • Resource Scheduling and Tracking
  • Schedule Health Check
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Schedule and Cost Variance, Key Performance Indicators
  • Benchmarking and Performance Measurement

Procurement Advice & Contract Management

Our professional procurement and contract management services add confidence, knowledge and ensure smooth project execution. Our consultants accurately identify potential problems and the appropriate procurement route and then advise the correct contract strategy to confirm the project achieves or exceeds the intended objectives. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the correct decisions are made at the right time and implemented to the benefit of the project and its stakeholders.

  • Procurement Strategy
  • Contractual Advice and Contract Administration Services
  • Contract Drafting, Review and Risk Analysis
  • Pre-contract and Tender Strategy Evaluation
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Cost Management, IRR and Cash Flow Computation
  • Variations and Change Control
  • Value Engineering