Commercial & Contract Management

Construction professionals require effective contract management and vendor management skills to ensure project success and reduce risks and cost overruns during the life cycle of a project. The need for engineers and construction professionals to manage projects from a techno-legal perspective is currently greater than ever before, and will continue to increase with the developing technical, organisational and financial complexity of modern day projects.

We can deliver a range of contract and commercial management training programmes that can help individuals and organisations acquire knowledge and expertise to achieve constant project success. Some of our programmes are:

  • Engineering & Construction Law
  • Engineering & Construction Contracts
  • Oil & Gas EPC / LSTK Contracts
  • FIDIC / IChemE Contract Forms
  • Process Plant Contract Forms
  • Delay and Disruption in Engineering and Construction Projects
  • Effective Claim Preparation, Defence and Negotiation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Project & Program Management

Engineering and construction projects are complex, massive in size and value. The use of sophisticated program and project management systems within organisations are growing. In the challenging global scenario, project and construction professionals need to see beyond each individual project and think about the bigger scenario and business results. To deliver projects on time, on budget, and as desired, one needs a systematic approach to project planning and management by the entire team. Hence it is imperative that the entire team must understand the art of project management, communicate and collaborate efficiently to ensure the success of the project at all stages of development. Team members require the right tools and techniques to ensure sustained project success.

Milestone Consulting provide customised training programmes and workshops that can help construction professionals and engineers at all levels to develop project management, business and leadership skills required to focus on high level, strategic business goals. Some of our popular programmes are:

  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Network Analysis Techniques in Construction
  • Project Planning, Scheduling and Controlling using CPM Techniques
  • Scheduling Systems
  • Delay Analysis using CPM Methodologies
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques